Adult Discipleship Classes

"Applying God's Word To Life"

Sundays, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Fall session
Begins September 9 (Classes vary in length)

No classes labor day weekend

When you hear the word discipleship, what thoughts come to mind? Many think of discipleship as knowing facts about Jesus and the Bible. Biblically, discipleship is not a program, but a process - a process of becoming more and more like Christ.

A disciple is a "pupil" or a "learner," a "follower;" one with definite commitment. By definition, "a disciple is someone who is being taught and consequently accepts a set of beliefs, embracing a holistic, total, and intentional approach to life based on those teachings.

For the Christian "those teachings" are found in God's Word, the Bible. As Christ Followers we are called to be intentional about understanding and applying God's Word to our lives. 

Adult Discipleship offers a number of GREAT classes that will help you apply God's Word to daily life.

Pray about which class to attend and then commit to attend!!


Classes FOR 2018 fall session
most begin september 9

11 week session

September 9, 16, 23, 30 │ October 7, 14, 21, 28 │November 4, 11, 18, 25

All times - 4:30pm – 6pm (unless otherwise noted)




You Don't Have to Go Through It Alone!

13 Weeks
Aug 19, 26 │ Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 │ Oct 7, 14, 21, 28 │Nov 4, 11, 18

Surviving the Holidays - Nov 18 (A stand alone lesson)

Facilitated by Dennis Jenkins and Anita Rounkles

Cost for student book: $23.00 (Scholarships are available)

Room: A266


Most people will tell you that separation and divorce are the most painful and stressful experiences they’ve ever faced. It’s a confusing time when you feel isolated and have lots of questions about issues you’ve never faced before.

DivorceCare groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. Each session has two distinct elements:

A Seminar with Experts

During the first 30–40 minutes of the meeting, each DivorceCare group watches a video seminar featuring top experts on divorce and recovery subjects. These videos are produced in an interesting-to-watch television magazine format featuring expert interviews, real-life case studies and on-location video.

A Support Group with Focus

After viewing the video, DivorceCare group participants spend time as a support group, discussing what was presented in that week’s video seminar and what is going on in the lives of group members.

Find Help and Healing for the Hurt of Separation and Divorce. DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life's most difficult experiences.




If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat

By John Ortberg

For Men Only

6 Weeks
Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 │ Oct 7, 14

Facilitated by Wayne Sanders

Cost for Student Book: $9.70

Room: A358

           Description: You’re One Step Away from the Adventure of Your Life.

Deep within you lies the same faith and longing that sent Peter walking across the wind-swept Sea of Galilee toward Jesus.

In what ways is the Lord telling you, as he did Peter, "Come"?

John Ortberg invites you to consider the incredible potential that awaits you outside your comfort zone. Out on the risky waters of faith, Jesus is waiting to meet you in ways that will change you forever, deepening your character and your trust in God. The experience is terrifying. It’s thrilling beyond belief. It’s everything you’d expect of someone worthy to be called Lord.

The choice is yours to know him as only a water-walker can, aligning yourself with God’s purpose for your life in the process. There’s just one requirement:  If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat.


Beginning September 9


Financial Peace University

A Bible-Based Curriculum that Teaches People How to Handle Money God's Way
By Dave Ramsey

9 Weeks
Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 │ Oct 7, 14, 21, 28 │Nov 4, 11                                                               

Facilitated by Tim Warner & Patrick Crockarell

Cost: Introductory class on September 9th is free. The Financial Peace University Kit cost is $100 through the church and there is a payment plan available.

Room: A362/364

           Description: Financial Peace University is a nine-lesson, money-management class taught by America's most trusted financial guru, Dave Ramsey. Dave and his teaching team will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future, and much more. And now you can experience this life-changing class the way that’s best for you: with other people in a local group, online at your own pace or both!


Beginning September 9

Just Open The Door.jpg

Just Open the door

A Study of Biblical Hospitality
By Jen Schmidt

For Women Only

7 Weeks
Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 │ Oct 7, 14, 21

Facilitated by Cesilie Huebner

Cost: $20.48

Room: A351


Change a generation with something as simple as an invitation.

For many of us, inviting people into our lives and homes feels more like inviting judgment on our entertaining skills and stress on our already maxed-out schedules. But what if you knew that opening your front door had the power to radically change the world? To make an impact and leave a legacy with everyday invitations?

Jen Schmidt has set out to re-frame how we think about hospitality and to equip us to walk a road of welcome in our daily lives. Jen knows that every time we choose open-door living—whether in our homes or by taking hospitality on the road just like Jesus—those we invite in get to experience the lived-out Gospel, our kids grow up in a life-lab of generosity, and we trade insecurity for connection.


Beginning September 9


Romans: Part 1

A Precept Study
By Precept Ministries

Open to Adults and Teens

11 Weeks

Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 │ Oct 7, 14, 21, 28 │Nov 4, 11, 18

Facilitated by Adam Nyenhuis

Cost: $40.77

Room: A350


O Beloved, what a tremendous experience awaits you as you study this foundational book! Romans is the constitution of your faith! To understand Romans is to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ. The entire New Testament rests on the truths of Romans.

What a blessing will be yours as you work your way through this treatise of the faith! You will be thrilled as you see through the eyes of the apostle Paul the nature of man, his depravity, his fallen state, and his Creator who makes the way of redemption. For the first time, or perhaps with a renewed joy, you will discover the meaning of propitiation, reconciliation, redemption, sanctification, and justification!

Your heart will be humbled as the majesty of God’s redemptive work is laid before you. Once you have spent time in Romans, your life will never be the same! Be diligent as you study, and do not shrink back. The price of neglect is too much to pay. Our prayer for you, as you undertake this study, is that you might be so grounded and rooted in the truths of this book that you will be able to give an answer to any man for the hope that is within you with gentleness, reverence, and a good conscience.

Course information and cost can be found in the "Class Brochure" (Pickup one in the Atrium or view it HERE).

Most books may be purchased in the church bookstore.

Contact Barbara Lee.


Beginning September 9

Daniel Precept Junior.jpg

Precept Junior: Daniel, Part 2

A Fun, Interactive Precept Study for teens and tweens!
By Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt

Open to Kids Grades 5th through 10th

NOTE: Enrollment is limited to 20

11 Weeks

Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 │ Oct 7, 14, 21, 28 │Nov 4, 11, 18

Taught by Karen Nyenhuis

Cost: $15 (Covers book, snacks and materials - Book available in class from teacher)

Room: A352/354


Daniel:  Kings and Conquests of the Ancient World. 

This is an academic course for teens and tweens to learn inductive Bible study.  Half of each class will be devoted to study and half to academic enrichment activities.  This course is suitable for students with disabilities, but students must be able to read a standard version of the Bible easily on their own.

Childcare Available for Children Ages 4 & Under!

To register, contact Becky Nelson.


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