Get to Know OUR NEW Singles Pastor,

Obie Dalrymple

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Obie and Danielle Dalrymple grew up in two small towns about 10 miles apart from each other in northern Missouri. Interestingly, they are both preacher’s kids, and they met at a summer church camp when they were in high school. They were married on June 11th 2005, and have three kids: Piper (6), who loves art, Elijah (5), who loves figuring things out…and mischief, and Ezra (2), who tries to be the boss of the house.

After serving four years in the Air Force at Scott AFB, Obie continued to work for the Air Force as a civilian contractor while attending Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary online and having the pleasure of teaching a LIFE Group at FBCO. Upon graduating with a Master’s degree in Religious Education, Obie surrendered to the call to ministry and was ordained here at FBCO in 2013. From there, he left the government-contracting world and he and his wife moved to Calvert City, Kentucky, where Obie has served as the Youth and Families Minister since September of 2013. They are excited about returning to the first church they attended together as a married couple, First Baptist O'Fallon.