We’re asking every member and attendee to invite someone to join them at FBCO on Sunday, October 28.
It’s going to be a great day of worship and we hope to fill every seat!

who is 3.png

It could be an old friend, your new neighbor, a co worker, your hair stylist, someone in your carpool, your cousin, your child’s little league teammate, your mailman, the guy you workout with, your boss, the neighbor who always waves when you pass her, your handyman, your in-laws, someone you went to high school with, a favorite barista or waitress…the possibilities are practically limitless! Spend some time praying about who to invite and then do it!


There’s no need to make it awkward! Do you like your church? Tell them! Has Jesus made a difference in your life? Share it! Do you go out for lunch after church? Invite them to join you!

Need more help? Pick up some invite cards in the Atrium, add a personal message, sign them and look for opportunities to invite people!

Use our digital invitation HERE to text or email an invite.