Single Young Adult, Huzzah Valley Camping and Float Trip 2018

Who and what?

It's time for the annual camping and float trip of the Single Young Adult ministry at First Baptist, O'Fallon, IL. This year we're going to Huzzay Valley in Missouri. Our single young adult group is comprised of single adults ages 18 to mid-30s. If that's you, then we hope you'll join us for the camp and the float, but if you'd prefer just do one or the other, then please ensure you make the appropriate selection when you register. No refunds. All the details you need to know are on the page below.


  • Please eat lunch before arriving at church.
  • Arrive at church: 1:45 p.m. Friday
  • Depart from the church at 2 p.m. on Friday
  • Return to church: in the afternoon Saturday (time of our return will depend on how long the float takes)
  • Camping: Our campsites are located at 93e, 92e, and 91e, right next to river on the family side, near the intersection of the Huzzah River and Dry Creek river.
  • Floating: We will meet at the Country Story and Office (see map below) NO LATER THAN 9:45am to sign waivers
  • Supper will be provided on Friday night: Hot dogs, chips, smores, and water.
  • Breakfast: Huzzah Valley has a breakfast buffet for $12.25. If you do not wish to eat the buffet, please bring your own food for breakfast.
  • Lunch will be provided on Saturday while on the float: Deli sandwiches, chips, Little Debbie type snack cakes, and water.
  • Drivers: We will be carpooling, so if you are willing to drive, please let Obie know:
  • Tents: Please let Obie know if you have a tent or if you need to stay with someone else in their tent. We'll have a few available. Also, if you do have a tent, please let Obie know if you are willing to share and how many people it can hold:

NOTE: If you wish to have food other than what is provided above, please bring it yourself, but also plan to store it and keep it cool yourself. We cannot guarantee we will have room in our coolers.

STUFF TO BRING LIST (the basics)

  • Swimming suit (please dress modestly),
  • Towels, sleeping bag, pillow, pj’s, etc.,
  • Old tennis shoes or some short of water shoes (e.g. Aqua Socks)
  • Large Ziploc bag with change of clothes, good sunscreen, bug repellent, hat/visor & sunglasses, toiletries, deodorant, soap, etc.,
  • Tote bag for trips to shower,
  • Snacks & soda for other than meals, spending money,
  • Flashlight & batteries, plastic bag for dirty laundry & wet clothes,
  • Several pairs of shorts, shirts, jeans, undergarments, etc.,
  • Bible to read in devotional times,
  • Lawn chair(s), quarters for showers


  • Tent, if you have one (let us know ASAP). Be sure you have all the parts of the tent, including stakes
  • Phone charger - our camp site will have electrical this year (yay), so feel free to bring a charger for your phone.
  • Air Mattress: we'll have something to inflate them
  • Large sheets of plastic for under tent, umbrella (hopefully we won’t need it),
  • Light jacket/sweatshirt for cool evenings, sports stuff,
  • Camera, small personal size cooler

    What NOT TO Bring:

    • Lewd, questionable, indecent clothing,
    • Perfume or cologne (bees love it!),
    • Makeup—it’s won't stay on & it melts!
      • (You can makeup if you want, this one is just an FYI)
    • Any form of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc.
    • Good jewelry (you’ll lose it or it’ll break).

    Map of huzzah valley resort

    Click image to enlarge

    Click the map below for directions to huzzah valley from FBCO