Are you satisfied?

Each one of us has a thirst that goes beyond the physical realm. We long for spiritual refreshment, for the purpose of God in our lives and for the rich relationship with Jesus we were created to enjoy. But many people spend their lives trying to quench their soul-thirst with the wrong things.

Join the Life Action team at the upcoming THIRST conference - four days set apart where you can revisit your love for God, refresh your faith in Him and restore the vision of your soul.

What to Expect

Powerful preaching
Refreshing worship
Memorable testimonies
Dynamic children's and youth programs
Passionate prayer

Sunday, October 8 - Wednesday, October 11

Sunday morning services

Worship Services at 9am and 10:45am (No LIFE Groups)

- Adults and Youth (7th-12th grades) start in the Worship Center and then youth are dismissed to AWAKE.
- Children 2nd Grade through 6th Grade will go to BASE CAMP
- Children 4 years through 1st Grade will attend HAPPY HEART CITY

- Childcare will be provided for children 3 and under

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evening services

Worship service at 6:30pm nightly

Parents are asked to sign in their children before going into the Worship Center for corporate worship. During the service, children and youth will be dismissed to their respective clubs. At the conclusion of the service, parents will pick up their children from the clubs. Children 3 and younger will go directly to childcare.

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